How to become a pitmaster?

Posted on Jan 30, 2019 in BBQ

How to become a pitmaster?

There is no people in world who can say no to barbecue is this mainly because of the Excellency of pitmaster to bring the perfect taste. Many of you have thought about becoming pitmaster but it is not that easy task to complete. Because the barbecue expert is a master in creating a tasty BBQ and they are more capable to use some kind of equipments to make instant BBQ. Moreover, the experts should work with full effort and known to manage all things at ones like maintaining fuel, temperature, proper technique and sauce preparation.

To the final if the BBQ consistency is good with expected taste that makes you expect if not you still need more train ups with more passion.

become a BBQ pitmaster

Educational qualifications to have certificate:

To become a BBQ pitmaster proper certification is more important so you can have a diploma course offered in specified BBQ restaurants where experts would teach about barbecuing. The classes would be on hour basis that is five hours each day for specified fee, the trainer teaches all techniques starting from tool handling till meat preparation and baking in both theoretical and practical. The class also teaches difference in grilling, backing and smoking technique.

Once you got certified by BBQ judge then you can train yourself to be a pitmaster by joining in barbecue associations where you can participate in fairs and meeting experts.

responsibilities of a pitmaster

Roles and responsibilities:

The responsibilities of a pitmaster mainly involve in cleaning and maintaining equipments and should have skills to repair them too.

  • Pitmaster should maintain grills, flavor bars, pans, gas hoses and rack clean.
  • As an expert pitmaster should know to choose good wood for smoking since good wood only lasts for maximum 4 hours.
  • The master should take care of stake rack because the quantity of right ingredients matters the taste of BBQ so master should know about right place of ingredients.
  • The experts need to know procedure in storing meat in order to avoid spoilage.
  • Temperature control is also important responsibility to have perfect BBQ, when steak is cooked too soon or too late or over hot the taste may differ.
  • Sauce should be used in proper way that it only adds flavor to the steak not over taste than steak.

Apart from cooking responsibility maintaining the stock and checking whether prepared BBQ is with prefect taste or not is also responsibility of the pitmaster.

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