Where Can I Buy Solar Panels For My House?

Homeowners interested in installing a home solar array will find no shortage of companies to perform the work. A good place to start is the member directory at the Solar Energy Industries Association website.

The site is also an excellent source of information on residential solar technology and products as well as federal and state information relative to regulations and incentives.

Beyond that, make sure you get all the information you need in the key areas of equipment, policies, payment, scheduling, and paperwork.

Get a Detailed List of Equipment and Policies

The installer should provide a detailed list of all equipment to be installed, as well as the minimum and maximum tolerance levels associated with each (for instance, power to be produced by the panels or loads to be handled by the inverter.)

Ask for test performance data on the components and determine specifically if the products qualify for all applicable state, federal, and utility company incentive programs. (If your installer can't answer that question, move on.)

Make sure you read the warranties, both on individual components and on the complete system. Ask for reference contact information for other homeowners who have contracted for solar system installations in your area. Speak to at least two other homeowners about their experiences with the installer.

Get all Aspects of the Payment Process in Writing

Most homeowners will agree that finances are the most critical part of any home-improvement project. Make sure you understand all aspects of how and when money will change hands.

- Do you have a cooling off period to change your mind if you decide to cancel the contract after agreeing to work with the company?

- Does the company access a financial penalty for an order cancellation?

- How much down payment does the solar installation company require?

- If you've already made your down payment and change your mind, do you get a full refund?

- What is the schedule of payments if you plan to pay out the system over time?

- Is an additional discount available if you pay the total amount upfront?

- Will the company process the paperwork for rebates and incentives?

Get an Exact Schedule of Labor and Paperwork Required

Understanding that any home improvement project can be derailed by bad weather or delivery issues, you will still want to know how long it will take for your home solar system to be installed. As a general rule of thumb, the actual worked involved for a typical rooftop array should not require more than two or three days.

You will also want to know when the interconnection agreement with the local power company will be concluded and when your system will actually start to interact with the grid. There should be no question that the installer is responsible for negotiating with the power company and for securing all necessary permits and approvals.

Additionally, homeowners will want to know if a post-maintenance agreement will be in effect, how long it will last, and what will be covered. Damage to the system caused by severe weather events will likely not be covered in that agreement, so ask about the expense involved in typical repairs of that nature.

By taking the time to understand all aspects of the process, the installation of a home solar array is actually a smooth and relatively fast process. That being said, most diy homeowner's immediately ask, "Can I install and / or build my own solar power system?"

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