What Renewable Energy System Will The United States Turn To

Now that the Bush administration is headed out the door, the United States seeks to turn the page on fossil fuels and begin catching up with the rest of the world when it comes to planning a renewable energy system. Combined with the world wide economic slowdown, more and more politicians, especially President Barack Obama, have been talking about using green energy, green jobs and massive green projects to help revive consumer confidence. The questions that everyone wants answered is what, exactly, is set to be built? Let's take a look at a few projects that may be taking shape in the near future.

Green Transportation

Many financial experts point to the need to get old, polluting cars off the road as soon as possible. Combine that need with the perception that America's infrastructure is crumbling at a rapid rate, and you have a strong need for green transportation. It will likely be up to the states and the individual cities to decide what form of transport they want: light rail, raised rail or even a monorail-type system, but you can bet that whatever new forms of public transit are built, they will be powered by a renewable energy system. There is already a ski lift system in South America that runs on solar power and thanks to the plummeting costs associated with solar panels, it is easy to imagine a sleek new train snaking through a city center covered in low cost, high powered solar panels.

President Obama an Advocate For Renewable Energy

While political pundits can argue all day long as to why now President Obama passed up Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries, one thing is certain: no other candidate on either side preached the virtues of green energy and technology more than Obama did. Part of what the Obama administration has promised revolves around policy changes more than it does construction. Offering real tax credits for greening your home and allowing for immediate offsets for things like solar panel installation and at home wind generation. Another part of the administration's plans revolve around making renewable energy system manufacturing cost effective in the United States once again. In recent years, major green companies like solar panel manufacturers have fled to places like Germany to build their factories and create jobs since the governments there were far more responsive to green technologies than the Bush administration.

Al Gore Critical of Obama Administration

As progressive as the Obama administration looks to be, there are still green critics out there. Former Vice President Al Gore has been critical of the promises the new president has made, saying that a significantly bigger investment in America's green future is necessary. Gore proposes an investment of at least $400 billon is what is needed, while Obama has proposed only a quarter of that amount. It remains to be seen just how much is spent to turn America green, but there is no doubt that green technologies and renewable energy systems are the wave of the future.

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