Announcement: Top 20 Household Energy Saving Ideas

Conduct A Home Energy Audit to Save On Your Electricity Bill

1. The food in a microwave cooks at a faster rate when placed as close as possible to the edge of the rotating tray: the microwaves interact at a more energetic level on the edges than they do in the center.

2. A toaster oven is preferable to a conventional oven in cooking anything but the largest meal. It is not only faster but also more convenient.

3. Your old dishwasher may be costing you more to in electricity consumption than purchasing an entirely new unit, as they are 90% more efficient than dishwashers manufactured just a generation ago.

4. Do not pre-rinse your dishes under the tap prior to placing them in the dishwasher at that can use up to 32 gallons (121 litres) of warm water.

5. When choosing a clothes washer, select a front loading model as it uses half the energy and 40% less water for each load than the older and more conventional top loading models.

6. Make sure that you clean the filter of your dryer prior to every load, as a clogged filter wastes energy.

7. Always opt for a self cleaning oven as they have more insulation than conventional ovens and save energy every time you bake.

8. Do not open the oven door but turn on the interior light when you want to check the progress of the cooking of the food. That will save energy.

9. Do not place hot food in a refrigerator. Always let it cool down to almost room temperature before placing it in the refrigerator.

10. Organize your refrigerator shelves so that the food you place on them will allow for air to easily flow around it. A crammed fridge is an inefficient fridge.

11. Make sure to test your freezer and refrigerator seals by closing the door on a sheet of paper. Pull the paper and if it slides out very easily the seal must be replaced.

12. Upright models are not as energy efficient as chest freezers as when you open the door the cold air stays in the chest freezer while the upright model leaks the cold onto the floor.

13. Do not place your refrigerator or freezer close to a heat source such as a heating vent or radiator or the washer and dryer.

14. Do not purchase a freezer that is too large for your family's needs. You should allow 4.5 cubic feet (130 litres) of capacity in the freezer for each person in your home.

15. CFL bulbs can save up to 2,000 times their weight in greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere, and if used everywhere will cut your total household electricity consumption by 7%.

16. Don't keep turning your CFL bulbs on for a few minutes then off: It can decrease their lifespan by 85% and use more electricity than just leaving them on.

17. If you have a gas fireplace with a pilot light which burns continuously make sure it is turned off in the summer time or whenever you go away an extended period of time in the winter.

18. The joint between the chimney and the wall is a common location of serious leaks of air into your home. You should remove the trim, apply a caulking which is specifically heat resistant and that will serve to eliminate those expensive drafts.

19. A quality adhesive-backed weather stripping can be attached to the sides and tops of any door frame. If you choose weather stripping that is V-shaped it creates a superlative seal as it makes contact with the door's edge: so even if the door warps over time the seal is maintained.

20. Create an airlock by enclosing your front or rear porch. This will keep warm air from rushing out every time an exterior door is opened.

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Save with these little known home energy conservation tips that cost nothing to implement, but lead to big savings.

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