Saving Money With Energy Efficient Washing Machines

Over the course of a year a typical family will do about 400 loads in their washing machines. This can be a real drain on their utility bill. If you want to reduce your electric bill by up to one third, you will want to invest in an energy efficient washing machine. What's more is that you will also be able to reduce the amount of you water bill by one half. That certainly will look good in terms of savings!

EnergyStar Label

Energy efficient washing machines will earn an Energy Star label providing that they are going to reduce energy consumption by 50 percent. This means that annually your utility bills could be lowered by up to $135, and during the lifespan of your more efficient washer the savings will cover the cost of your washer. When you see the Energy Star label on a washing machine you are looking to purchase, you will find the the amount of energy it uses in kilo-watt hours (kWh) and an estimation of how much it will cost you to operate for a year. You will note that the label will also show you how the model compares to other Energy Star rated washers. This is useful in shopping around to find the best washer for your own home and individual circumstances.

You will want to compare the Modified Energy Factor (MEF) and Water Factor (WF) when comparing different energy efficient washing machines. You want one that has a high MEF, which means that it is the most effective at utilizing it's energy supply to heat up the water. Conversely, you want to look for one with a lower WF rating, which gauges how efficient water usage is in terms of gallons used per cubic foot.

When you are looking to purchase an energy efficient washing machine, the first thing to look for is the Energy Star label, but there are also other features you will want in order to get the biggest bang for your buck. This includes selecting one that is front loading. A front loader will be able to handle more clothes per load and in turn reduce your energy usage. They also use much less water per load. While these models will be pricier at first, they will save you more over the long term.

In order to cut back the amount of time you will need to leave your clothes in the dryer, find a washer with a greater spin speed and a powerful motor. You also want to make sure that the washing machine doesn't operate with a central agitator as these are huge energy suckers. Finally, you also want a washing machine that comes complete with an automatic sensor that will gauge the size of the load you are washing. The sensor will then tailor the amount of water used in accordance to the load size, so that you won't be unnecessarily wasting any excess water for a smaller load.

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