Residential Wind Turbines Get Smaller and Cater to a Wider Market

As the usage of residential wind turbines has continued to increase, those wishing to bring that energy power to their own homes may have been limited in that they simply didn't have enough room for one such device. Because even these relatively smaller wind turbines are excellent for those that have at least one acre of free land space, if you are living in a more suburban area and simply don't have a yard of that size you may be left wanting. Due to the fact that majority of the standard residential wind turbines are still between 10 and 20 feet tall, and have a diameter of 4 feet, they certainly aren't the most portable and depending on your area they may not be as welcomed by your neighbors. Yet, thankfully in regards to this very problem, a new smaller wind turbine could be heading your way from the company Freetricity.

E2D Windmaster

This business out of California has made the E2D Windmaster that can be outfitted onto the roof of your house. This opens up the market for smaller home owners and those in urban and suburban areas. Even better, these residential wind turbines are going down in cost, and can further save you upwards of 25 percent off of your electricity bill. Of course the larger units tout they can cut your costs between 50 and 90 percent, there is no love lost on these smaller devices. Freetricity notes there are four different models to pick from with one that will be connected to your Grid and others that are battery operated. While the propellers may prove to be a problem to smaller bird life, they will do much to help save Mother Earth and as long as you have enough wind in your area you could reap the rewards.


Of course where there is one new product release, others will follow and in such EarthTronics is featuring its Honeywell turbine which looks to also make it possible for urbanites to attach a residential wind turbine to their roof. This device only needs 2 mph of wind power, impressive when you consider others generally need at least 5mp, and will give you 2 kilowatts of energy power. EarthTronics is excited in its promotions stating that it is, "the highest output lowest cost per kWh installed turbine ever made." While this is a great selling point, the real rewards should come in the fact that wind power is fast becoming the go to energy source. In just the last year residential wind power has jumped 53 percent worldwide, and 78 percent in the United States. When people are uniting to harness renewable energy resources instead of the outdated and polluting oil, coal, nuclear, and natural gas ones we can significantly reduce the amount of carbon gasses released each year. Being that one wind turbine can counter balance the amount of carbon dioxide that is released from 1.5 cars, when that is multiplied to the 55 to 60 MW of wind energy needed to supply power to 7,000 homes, we can work against the carbon gas emissions from 10,000 cars equating to 60,000 tons of carbon dioxide gasses. That sure is an impressive showing from just one device that you can attach to your home!

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