Announcement: Residential Wind Power Usage Grows Worldwide

Thankfully it has become an increasing trend that people are recognizing the dramatic and destructive effect that many of their habits are having on the environment. With global warming now almost a daily subject of conversation and tips for limiting our own carbon gas emissions one of the more common online searches, people are looking to amend their ways in favor of greener ones. One of the leading contributors to toxic greenhouse emissions is from the energy methods that we are currently using to supply our homes, businesses, and other buildings worldwide. The heavily relied upon oil, coal, and natural gas methods to harness energy are pumping our atmosphere with an astounding and startling amount of pollution.

Residential Wind Power Usage Is Growing Rapidly

In remedy to this very problem, renewable energy resources are finding their ways to an eager market. Power sources such as solar and wind are catching on, and not a moment too soon. In fact, the use of both commercial wind turbines and residential wind turbines has increased and now wind energy boasts itself as the source most rapidly growing worldwide. The United States' wind power usage has increased about 32 percent annually from 2004 to 2008, making it the country that is using the most wind power. And while they are used on larger scales, wind power is being supplied to individual homes in the form of residential wind turbines. Residential wind power grew an amazing 78 percent in the United States in a single year for 2008.

Home Wind Power Leads To Big Savings For Some Homeowners

Residential wind power not only helps homeowners adopt renewable energy habits and do their part in reducing the release of harmful greenhouse gases, but they also reap the benefits of saving money on their electrical bills. Residential wind turbines can save homeowners up to 90 percent off of their standard electrical bills, and when this is added to the fact that they can take a step towards removing their homes from the reliance upon electrical companies that supply energy through oil and coal methods this is all the better.

AWEA Predicts Wind Power Will Grow 30 Fold In Next Five Years

Further, these rates for those turning to wind power are only going to rise. The American Wind Energy Association predicts that it will grow 30 fold in the next five years, and those living in the United States are encouraged more in that they can expect to merit a tax credit if they have a residential wind turbine installed.

Home Wind Power Is Not Just Limited To The United States

Yet just because you may reside outside of the United States, don't think that your own efforts to clean up your energy act go unnoticed. While the United States may have pulled to the lead in wind power usage, it was not until this year that they surpassed Germany that had been the long time leader. Globally, the reliance on residential wind power has increased 53 percent over 2007, with a total of 19,000 units sold equating to $156 million dollars in sales.

These statistics are only more proof that the dynamics of the world's energy sources are shifting and for the better. We have already been given a taste of the effects of what our consumption of harmful nonrenewable energy sources has garnered us, and it's time for a change. Wind power, and residential wind power is the wave of the future, so jump on board!

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