Residential Solar Energy Comes to The Vatican

To get a good idea of just how mainstream "greening" has become, one has to look no further than the world's smallest sovereign state. Recently, The Vatican installed a massive series of residential solar energy panels that will cut the tiny state's oil consumption considerably. This is likely the best evidence yet that the world has finally accepted the fact that global warming is real, that it is caused by human beings and that everyone can do their part, even if you are The Pope. According to The Vatican, over 2,000 individual solar panels were installed, taking advantage of Italy's beautiful and often sunny weather. The new panels will be used to not only heat and cool the huge hall they are installed on, but they are also light the building as well.

Solar Panels on the Vatican Are Completely Hidden

One of the major concerns before the solar panels were installed is that they would become an eyesore and damage the historic and legendary skyline that visitors to The Vatican have traveled from around the world to see. Thanks to some clever engineering, the residential solar energy panels are completely hidden from the ground and The Vatican's skyline remains unchanged.

According to officials, the installed residential solar energy array will pump out over 300 kilowatt hours of power each and every year. This isn't the first time The Vatican has stepped to the plate for Mother Earth. Recently, it was announced that The Vatican would become the very first carbon neutral sovereign state in the world by planting trees in Hungary for carbon offsets.

Barcelona Sets Up Their Own Solar Array

The Vatican isn't the only place where residential solar energy panels are now found that may surprise you. A series of tombs in the Spanish city of Barcelona are now home to their own array of solar panels. City officials had been searching far and wide for a place to set up a solar array to take advantage of the sultry weather there, but space has become so limited, many believed that the array would never be built. The city then decided that a series of tombs offered the perfect opportunity and the array was built. The panels how provide enough energy to run 60 homes in the local area.

Australia Passes Solar Friendly Laws

In Australia, residents of New South Wales can now reap the benefits of installing their own residential solar energy panels. The government there recently announced that any home that has solar panels will be paid by the government to sell back their excess, unused energy back to their local power companies. Other parts of Australia have already passed similar laws that have been met with cheers from those looking to go green.

As fossil fuels dwindle and gas prices careen up and down like a yo-yo, more and more people around the world are turning their thoughts to residential solar energy panels and arrays to not only lower costs but to also make their own personal impact on global warming.

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