Remember To Continue Electricity Conservation During The Winter

In the middle of the coldest winter in years, many households focus on energy savings related to reducing their gigantic home heating bills.

Heating related energy conservation steps include finding and sealing air leaks with caulking, replacing worn weather stripping on outside doors, ensuring curtains are pulled back during the day to let the sun in, installing and effectively using a programmable thermostat, and so on. Such heating conservation steps are very beneficial because they cost nothing or very little to do and they apply to any household regardless of it’s heating source.

If your heating source is electric, do not forget about continuing your focus on your household’s electricity conservation measures as this directly impacts your total electric bill, right?

And if your home heating source is oil or natural gas, you should also continue to focus on reducing your electricity costs in addition to your heating costs. A utility bill is a utility bill, right? Focusing on reducing your electric utility bill is an activity which you can do all 12 months of the year.

My favorite electricity conservation measures are the ones that are simple to do and cost nothing or very little because everyone can do them. These include:

Table Lamps vs Recessed Ceiling Lights

If you have recessed lighting in the ceiling of a room, do you need to use it as your only lighting source for that room? Even with CFL light bulbs in the recessed lights and even with a dimmer light switch, it will still use less electricity if instead you simply from time to time use one or two or three table lamps … which themselves use CFL light bulbs.

TV Off, Radio Stations On

From time to time my wife likes to listen to any of the various music stations which we can get through our TV’s satellite receiver. You know the ones I mean; some are actual national or local radio stations while others are XM radio like stations. There is no need to have the TV on to tell you what the song is when listening to these music stations. All it does is consume electricity.

Reduce Phantom Electricity Consumption

When you go to bed at night, do not just turn off the TV, the satellite or cable receiver, the Nintendo Wii or Game Station, etc. because they will still consume electricity when turned off; instead, unplug them from the electrical outlet. To make this easier we plug them into a surge suppression power bar which itself is plugged into the wall. This way, we only need to turn off the power bar at night and all of these devises no longer consume electricity. And, of course, a surge suppression power bar will help protect these appliances from electricity surges.

Home Office Equipment Can Be Turned Off, You Know

Many people, myself included, have an office in their own home. If not, there is a desk or a room for the home computer, printer, fax machine, etc. Unfortunately, many forget that these devices do not have to be on 24 X 7. When you are finished with them turn them off as well as turn off the surge suppression power bar that they are plugged into for added savings by eliminating, again, phantom electricity consumption.

Go To Sleep Earlier

Sure, who cannot benefit from an extra 30 minutes or a full hour of sleep? However, you will also benefit from reduced electricity usage if you are in bed sleeping rather than watching TV or reading a book with the lights turned on. As well, you can also turn the heat down sooner saving you on your heating costs, making this one a double energy conservation tip.

Saving electricity is a year round effort, not just during the summer when the air conditioner causes spikes in our electric bills. As the above hopefully illustrated, it is not hard to do and it does not have to be expensive either. And those were just some of the many easy and no cost electricity conservation steps which any household can take. All you need to do is to take action. And, taking action does not cost you anything.

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