How Much Do Residential Wind Systems Cost?

Costs for residential wind turbines vary greatly by equipment manufacturer, energy-producing capacity, and method of installation. Units are available for $6,000 and under, many as "kits," but will have limited applications either as emergency power or for "roughing it," off-grid applications. Used in a home setting, they might have the capacity to lower your electric bill by 10%. Residential systems that can truly reduce a home's electric bill by 50% to 90% can cost from $20,000 to $45,000+.

Those costs include:

- The turbine itself.
- The tower on which it will be mounted.
- The power inverter.
- All necessary wiring.

They may or may not include:

- Shipping.
- A foundation or other stabilizers for the tower.
- Labor for the installation.
- Zoning and permit fees.
- Interconnection fees with the power utility.
- Changes to your homeowner's insurance.

Some specific examples of commercially available wind systems include:

- The Skystream 3.7 ( This system, designed to be self-installed, costs approximately $15,000. A 30-40 foot tower supports a turbine with a rotor diameter of 12-feet. Part of the new generation of low wind speed turbines, this unit can operate at wind speeds of just 9 mph. It will produce 1.8 to 2.4 kilowatts.

- The Helix Wind Savonius ( At a cost of $6,500 to $15,500, these turbines are mounted on 15 to 35 feet towers or on a roof (two feet above the roof line.) Because they have an extremely quiet action, they have proven to be a good choice in areas with wind ordinances. (Systems start at 2.5 kilowatts.)

Systems with greater power-producing capacity began to rise in price dramatically. Expect to pay $22,000 to $55,000 for 4 to 8 kilowatt turbines, which will need a tower 100 feet in height. Ten-kilowatt systems, requiring towers 90-120 feet in height, will cost $80,000 to $125,000.

Obviously many unique factors affect the cost of a residential wind system including:

- personal finances,
- quality of wind at the site,
- cost of electricity in the area,
- your personal goals for using renewable energy,
- and the available tax credits and incentives that may help you to defray some of the expenses.

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There is also a potential for your turbine to make money when connected to the local power utility grid. Read more to learn how your renewable energy system will interact with your electric company.

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