Home Wind Energy: Advantages and Disadvantages

As with any project, a homeowner looking at the potential of installing a residential wind turbine should consider both the positives and negatives involved.


- As a clean source of free energy with no carbon, nitrogen, or methane output, a wind turbine will reduce a home's emissions profile.

- Tower-mounted residential wind turbines return energy savings of 50% to 90% annually, depending on the turbine's efficiency, and the quality of local wind resources.

- A home wind turbine provides greater energy independence from the utility company's grid, particularly on systems that are also configured with deep-charge, back-up batteries.

- Residential renewable energy makes a political statement in support of clean electricity production as opposed to that generated by the burning of expensive fossil fuels that reduce air quality and create foreign political entanglements.

- The presence of a residential wind turbine with sufficient records to verify the system's efficiency and cost savings enhances the value of the property in the event of a sale.


- Residential wind systems do not produce power consistently 24-hours a day, requiring continued use of the electric company's grid or the presence of some form of back-up power.

- The initial expense of a home turbine varies widely, from as little as $6,000 to as much as $45,000 (or more) depending on the equipment chosen and the manner in which it is installed.

- Some communities and neighbors, particularly those governed by homeowners associations, are not receptive to the presence of residential wind turbines. You may face zoning snarls and quarrels with people living adjacent to your property.

- To some degree, any wind turbine will make sounds. Aerodynamic noise is created when air flows over the blades. The faster the rotor turns, the greater the noise created. The components of the system will produce mechanical noise. If a turbine is poorly maintained, this noise can be considerable and include squeaking, clanking, and whining. If your community has a noise ordinance, you need to determine, before installation, that your turbine will not violate the minimal acceptable decibel level.

Myths About Wind Turbines

Some concerns about residential wind turbines are myths. They are not dangerous to birds. In fact, more birds are killed by flying into sliding-glass patio doors. Additionally, because most turbine blades are made of either wood or fiberglass, there is little if any chance that the system will interfere with television and radio signals.

Some advantages and disadvantages are personal in nature, like:

- the affect on the household finances,

- the expected energy savings based on the quality of wind resources weighed against the local price of electricity,

- and the appearance of the turbine in relation to the home, property, and neighborhood.

Make out a side-by-side list of pros and cons. If you are ready to proceed, click here to find out in greater detail if a wind turbine will work for your home.

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  3. Wade Says:

    Living in the city in South Africa this is not an option for me. However if I lived out in the sticks I would most certainly consider it for all the advantages that have been listed here. My family and I try to be as eco friendly as possible. We are also big fans of saving money wherever possible. Very nice article. Good luck to you.

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