Announcement: Could Your Home Benefit From a Residential Wind Turbine?

Let's be honest, the economic times are tough for all of us and many of us are looking to find ways to save in any way that we can. At the same time, there is a growing awareness of just how important it is to do what we can to preserve the Earth and adopt greener habit. So what if there was a way to not only help reduce your carbon footprint but trim your household utility bills as well? Sounds enticing doesn't it?

Well that is just what those who have installed residential wind turbines on their own homes are doing. Now they are enjoying the freedom to rely less on the more traditional and waste producing energy methods that come from electric companies that rely on oil, coal, or natural gas. While there are select regions or areas that may have the luxury to opt for renewable energy sources, such as solar, geothermal, and wind, for the majority that isn't available yet. In response to the burgeoning market for renewable energy resources and a way to bring that to homeowners, these residential wind turbines were produced.

What exactly is a residential wind turbine and how do they work?

Well just like the wind turbines on the larger scale, these residential turbines are instead placed in your own yard or roof. The bigger wind turbines that are commonly placed on tall towers or across fields absorb the natural kinetic energy that is released by the movement of the wind and then transfers that into power and energy that can then be supplied to bring electrical power to you. By harvesting the natural power of the wind, there isn't the subsequent greenhouse gas emissions and of course the source is nothing but renewable! Great huh? So when these wind turbines are then brought to your house, they can bring you savings anywhere from 50 to 90 percent off of your current electricity bill. Because these devices do need at least winds of 7 to 10 mph, they aren't able to completely replace your electric company as wind and weather patterns vary, but if you are blessed with more blustery gusts you can expect to save quite a bundle.

Perform a Site Assessment

So getting back to your own home and outfitting yourself with a wind turbine, you can purchase one from many of the expanding businesses now popping up. Online alone you can do a simple search, but there are a few things you need to know before whipping out your credit cards. First you need to make sure that your house is big enough to handle these devices. A standard residential wind turbine will require ideally at least an acre of space. They can range from 10 to 20 feet tall and about 4 feet in diameter. In seeking a residential wind turbine you will generally want one that has been rated with anywhere between 5 and 15 kilowatts.

Finding A Reputable Wind Power Company

Once you've got the logistics worked out and are ready to install a residential wind turbine, and do your part to reduce your own impact on the environment, you will want to go with an accredited company. The leading residential wind turbine companies are MagLev, Helix, and Air-X. By heading to any of these sites, you can then compare rates, makes, and models to find one that suits your own particular needs and house, and from there you can take one small step for your household, and one giant leap towards taking your home off the grid!

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  3. Affordable Solar Panels and Wind Turbines Kits Says:

    Hello, thanks for the tips!
    A few years ago, me and my wife has installed a few solar panels and a small wind turbine on our house’s roof. We have been saving about 50$ per months, and we plan the whole system will be refunded in less than 6 years, at the present electric price of 0.08$ per kilo-watts here in Quebec, Canada. Solar Panels are under warranty for 20 years and the wind turbine is under warranty for 10 years. I cannot see how I can loose at this. Long life to Renewable and Green Energies!

  4. Concerned Says:

    What about the birds? How many dead birds are on the ground around each of your turbines and if everyone got a turbine, how many more dead birds will there be?

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