Announcement: Top 20 Household Energy Saving Ideas

There are some simple energy saving ideas that you can use that cost nothing to implement, but can lead to massive savings.

How to Construct an Environmental-Friendly House on a Tight Budget

New Jersey University of Architecture professor demonstrates us how to construct an environmental-friendly house on a tight budget.

Save Energy on the Easy Things First

With the gloomy economy, and relatively high price of electric service, many homeowners that didn’t concern themselves with their energy costs are now very interested in lowering their electric bill. However, it’s not always obvious where to get started first.

Remember To Continue Electricity Conservation During The Winter

In the middle of the coldest winter in years, many households focus on energy savings related to reducing their gigantic home heating bills.

How to Save Electricity: Next Steps

If you’ve already changed out your incandescent light bulbs for low energy light bulbs, raised your thermostat, and unplugged your vampire devices, it’s time to consider the “next steps.”

Reduce Energy Costs with Daylighting

Daylighting, the practice of creating avenues for natural sunlight to enter your home, is one of the best ways to reduce energy costs.

Energy Saving Ideas for the Kitchen

Real changes in personal energy use need to be part of a comprehensive program that considers all aspects of power consumption.

Simple Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

Whether you want to lower your electric bill to save money or save the earth from climate change, you need to do the same things. Whatever your reason for wanting to reduce your electric bill, you need to take the same simple steps.

Energy Conservation Tips That Put Money In Your Pocket

With the economic downturn, higher fuel prices, and global warming, most people have more than one reason to conserve energy. By conserving energy you can save money and save the planet too. Reduce your carbon footprint by following some really easy energy conservation tips in your home and on the road.

Water Conservation in the Home

There are many ways water may be wasted in our homes each day. From bathing to watering the lawn, simple adjustments can be made to conserve water and energy to lower your energy bills.

The Energy Efficient House

If your electric bill is higher than you’d like to see it, it pays to examine where you can conserve energy in your home without sacrificing the comfort of your family. The first step is knowing how much energy is being used and when, then making informed decisions about how you want to live.

Conserving Electricity in the House – Air Conditioning Is The Biggest Culprit

Running central air conditioning within a 1,600 square foot space or home costs approximately $3.76 per day, which adds up to $116.56 over the course of a regular month, according to Progress Energy.

Here are ways you can reduce your electric bill by adjusting your air conditioning habits:

Easy To Implement Ways To A Lower Electric Bill

Regardless if you are feeling the pinch from the worldwide economic downturn, we could all use some genuine and easy to implement energy saving ideas. We all know to lower the thermostat when we sleep at night and to install low flow shower heads, but we may not realize just how much the following steps […]

5 Ways To Reduce Electric Bills Now

With the world economy tightening, more and more people are searching for reasonable and responsible ways to reduce electric bills both in and out of the home. While some people have taken the drastic steps of installing solar panels on their homes, there are far more basic things you can do each and every day […]

How To Save Electricity With These Little Known Tips

When it comes to saving money on your power bill, people from Maine to California know the big ones: proper insulation, water conservation and turning down the thermostat can lead to major long term energy savings, but there are a whole slew of little known things you can do around the house that can lead to significant savings, as well. Let’s take a look at a few of these secrets that can help you save money on electricity.