Building Integrated Photovoltaic
Windows and Tiles Generate Electricity

Did you know that windows, skylights, shingles and walls can generate solar electricity for you? This is what Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) is designed to do for you.

BIPV is a Modern Architectural Concept

The modern architectural concept is to build energy efficient homes. Modern buildings extensively use the known but forgotten passive solar principles. Recently, active solar has emerged to appear on buildings as photovoltaic roofing, solar windows, and other active photovoltaic building elements. The idea is to make a dual use facing elements on the shell of the building to generate free of charge clean solar power. Each of these elements can be used as a disguised solar panel.

BIPV for existing Homes

Existing Homes can use Building Integrated Photovoltaic elements.
It is pretty straight forward to replace the existing windows facing South or South-East with solar widows. Solar windows embed with the active thin-film photovoltaic element into the glass.

Building Integrated Photovoltaic – Your Windows and Tiles Generate Power

Another great idea for existing buildings is photovoltaic roofing. The solar roofing concept is to replace existing shingles or existing tiles with solar tiles that fit exactly where the original tiles were placed. This approach is superior to adding solar panels on top of the existing roof. It blends seamlessly with the slanted roof with in an aesthetic manner, the roof does not need to carry the heavy panels on it, and it may save the need for building permits in certain counties.

New Homes

In new homes design the sky is the limit. It is possible to design a home that is fully sustainable, has a zero carbon dioxide footprint, and an average annual energy bill at zero. These Zero Energy Homes are employing any known trick to save energy and to generate clean power and to use the sun to heat water. These buildings also use walls and building facades to generate solar power. Show case civic and enterprise projects can be found in Europe, Canada and the US as well as other parts of the world. In France, Germany, Italy, and Spain the utility pays more for electricity it buys from buildings with integrated photovoltaic elements. Custom made plans and off the shelf plans for zero energy homes are available, as well as turnkey jobs from specialized contractors.

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