Isn't it time to unplug from the cash sucking energy grid..?


From Michael Snyder
Wednesday, 10:53am
San Antonio, Texas

Dear Friend,

Checked your heating bill lately? Your electric bill? Your water bill?

If you are like me, you have noticed a disturbing trend... and it's not going down any time soon.

The 2008 EIA International Energy Outlook Report states, in 2005, electric power plants produced 17,320 terawatt-hours (TWh) worldwide - in 2030, the world is projected to need about 33,264 TWh, or nearly double that amount.

Clearly, the finite resources of coal, oil, and natural gas are not going to be enough to meet our needs - the wild price fluctuations of oil and gas are proof enough of that.

Such economic concerns do not even take into account the rapidly accelerating effects of global warming caused by the burning of these fossil fuels.

What can you do? What can one person really do?

The answer is, "PLENTY!"

When your kids ask you what you did to preserve the environment and save energy, can you say you did all that you could like Allen did below?

"...preserving the environment
for our kids and theirs

Dear Michael,

Thanks for sharing your life's work. My wife and I have been looking for ways to "greenify" our lives for quite some time.

After we downloaded your manual we got started on our solar power grid and it is now generating the electricity to power our appliances. We are looking forward to building a portable power system to take along with us when we go camping.

We've never seen such low energy bills!

What we loved most about your program is how you convinced us how important it was to "going green" so that we could do our part in preserving the environment for our kids and theirs.

May God bless you for your works,

Allen J.

Flagstaff, AZ

And there is nothing better than bringing families together...

"...My son and I built
our first windmill!"

Hey Michael,

After I read your manual, my son and I got started right away building and installing our first windmill. Thanks for the illustrations because we wouldn't have made it without them!

We installed the windmill by the garage and it is doing great!

Next, we are going to build our solar power system after we finish painting the windmill.

Thanks for giving me a project to do!

George H.
Omaha, NB

For years I've been a renewable energy enthusiast and looking for ways to go green. As I began trying hundreds of ways to convert my home to green energy, I noticed huge savings on my electric bills in the process.

Being a professional, a father and husband at the same time, I wanted to use renewable energy and create a cleaner environmental future for ourselves, our children, and our communities.

After years of testing, researching and using my engineering experience, I arrived at the perfect solution for you to generate electricity in your own backyard, without spending tens of thousands of dollars!

Since 2007, I've shown people around the globe how to use my plans to build and install their own renewable energy electric plants. These systems generate enough electricity to make their meter spin backwards and the power company actually pays them. And most of them had no prior technical skill!

But using my step-by-step DIY Power Plans, they quickly became experts at setting up their own renewable energy generators in their backyards.

These generators create electric power out of wind or solar energy.

If you thought the idea of living off the grid was expensive and something that only radicals did, think again.

The truth is you can build your very own solar or wind energy generator for under $200? It's true and I will show you exactly how.

Imagine all the electric you want... but no electric bill!

This is not some new-fangled, never-been-tried, sci-fi technology. In fact, solar and wind energy are established technologies.

Similar to an old fashioned windmill, wind is pushed over blades that are connected to a shaft connected to a generator to create kinetic energy. When the force of the wind is used to rotate the blades, your homemade windmill begins to produce electricity.

As sunlight is absorbed through solar panels that contain Photovoltaic (PV) cells, it converts sunlight into electricity. Similar to the panels you see on a calculator or satellite in space. As they receive light, they freely generate power.

A misconception of wind power is that it’s noisy, wind turbines are actually quieter than your average air conditioning unit. And there are concerns about glass solar panels breaking, but they’re actually not glass; they’re tough silicon. They can handle marble-sized hail coming at them at 52 miles per hour.

Ocean View resident, Wayne Manlove, wanted to take advantage of the new technology.

“I’m an electrician by trade,” he said. “I went to energy shows and solar looked like the best way to go about this. I had five estimates and I did all the math. Solar was the way to go.”

The result for Manlove is a 7200-watt solar system at his home, which has already put an ENORMOUS dent in his electric bill.

“I initially wanted to save about 50 percent,” he said. “But I’ve been saving 75 percent.”

And it added to the resale value of his home.

And as if increasing the value of your home in this day and age wasn't enough...

checkYou will save hundreds every month on your energy bills

checkYes! Renewable energy helps create a cleaner environmental future for yourself, your children, and your community

checkYes! You will have tons of fun building this yourself

checkYes! Wind energy is the least expensive of all other forms of alternative energy and can be made for less than $100

checkYes! The sun produces more than 10,000 times the energy the whole world uses annually. Why not harness it?

checkYes! You will be free to spend your savings on things that are important to you

checkYes! My complete plans make this an easy project for anybody to do!

My plans are written in easy-to-understand, plain English so that anybody, even a child, can follow them. Plus my illustrations and diagrams show you exactly what to do each step of the way.

I've taken an almost century old suppressed technology, updated and simplified it, using local easy-to-find hardware store parts.

So you have an effective, affordable, simple generator plan.

Beating High Energy Costs

As heating bills skyrocket and electric bills follow suit, we are faced with a choice: Follow the masses like lemmings to the cliff, or Stand up and do something different.

Surprisingly, making your home more energy efficient and even energy neutral is easier than you'd think.

All it requires is a slight change in thinking and habits.

In Beating Energy Costs, I take you on a tour through your home. And together we discuss small changes you can make today that will add up to huge changes in your utility bills and your impact on the environment.

We cover topics like:

checkShould you change to compact fluorescent light bulbs? (page 14)

checkIs your refrigerator doubling your electric bill? (page 15)

checkIs it really better to shower than have a bath?
(page 18)

checkOne small change to your windows can save you 20%. (page 19)

checkDo you ever do "The Candle Check"? (page 21)

checkAre your doors a major drain on your energy? (page28)

checkHow landscaping can save you 25%. (page 32)

checkIs your thermostat piling up your energy bill? (page 40)

checkHow to keep your furnace in tip top shape.
(page 43)

checkWhy that fire in your fireplace may be sucking heat OUT of your home. (page 50)

checkIs your washer using twice as much water as it could? (page 58)

checkThe secret to saving money with your hot water heater (page 70)

checkAlternative sources of energy for your home.
(page 73)

checkand much more...


"...thanks to you, I found
deep cycle batteries...
...for free

"...thanks for showing me exactly where to find deep cycle batteries for free. I have gone back to get 3 more so I can use them for my portable solar panel."

Charles J., AZ





Build Your Own Solar and
Wind Power

Living completely independent of the utility companies is called 'Living off the Grid'. While it used to be thought of as a 'radical' lifestyle, today with soaring utility costs, thousand and thousands of homeowners, just like you, are modifying their homes and using wind and solar power to not only save money but also to save our environment.

With recent technological advances and the growing interest in alternative energy, the cost of all the items required to create homemade sources of renewable energy have decreased significantly.

Learn how to build your own solar or wind power generator for under $250. I will even show you where you can get solar panels and cells for next to nothing.

The wind generator requires deep cycle cells to store the electricity. In these plans I reveal where you can find them for free (in fact, they are delighted to give them away!).

The plans come with full illustrations so you can see exactly what you should be doing every step of the way.



"...your plans were great!"

"...your plans were great because they made it so easy to determine how high I needed to build my windmill."

Terry, CA





Renewable Energy

Discover the main types of renewable energy and why you should be considering using them over traditional sources of energy, like fossil fuels and power plants.

In this special report, you will learn:

checkThe many ways you can use Solar Energy in your home, car, and office.

checkWhy over 20,000 homeowners in the USA already get 80% of their electricity from solar power.

checkHow harnessing the wind is changing the economics of farming and it's positive implications for you.

checkHow Hydropower is more than just damming up a river.

checkNew sources of Hydropower being developed along the west coast.

checkThe potential of Biofuel and how it is produced.

checkAnd much more....



"...built and installed my solar energy generators at home in only 2 days!"

"3 months ago I built and installed my solar energy generators at home in only 2 days and my most recent electric bill was only $27!! This weekend my wife and I are going camping and I intend on taking my own electricity with me!"

Craig A. ,
Flagstaff, AZ


But -- there's still more for you when you act today!



Water Conservation Tips

Water is one of our most important resources yet we squander it. As populations grow, economic progress puts more and more strain on our water supplies.

By cutting down on the amount of water we use and using it wisely, we can can do a lot to protect our precious water resources.

In my Water Conservation Tips report you will discover easy to use tips for saving water in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry area. Plus how to get the maximum use of your water outside with minimum waste.



"...tons of tips whether you start at the middle, beginning or
even the end

" ...this is a very handy little book that has all sorts of tips on how to save energy and many have nothing to do with what you'd think! I love how you find tons of tips whether you start at the middle, beginning or even the end..."

Julie W.,
Philadelphia, PA


I'm sure you'll agree this is pretty exciting information, as well. But wait until you hear the price.

For a limited time, to help develop an ongoing relationship with you, I'm going to give all this to you - the Beat High Energy Costs Report ($29.95 value), the Build Your Own Solar & Wind Power Report ($49.95 value), Renewable Energy ($17.00 value), the Water Conservation Tips ($17.00 value) - that's a total value of $103.90.

But, I've arranged for you to receive the entire package for a special, low introductory price of $47.

Why price this Beat High Energy Costs package so low? It's simple.

I believe that once you get a taste of just how valuable (and easy!) these insider energy saving secrets are, you'll start changing the way you use electricity and fossil fuels. And if that's the case, we will both be living in a much better world in the long run.

However, if you are not absolutely bowled over by what you discover in this package, I insist on buying it back at full price. Therefore, I'm offering you a...

That's how confident I am that this program will work for you, just as it has worked for hundreds of others before you. Test-Drive my Beating High Energy Costs for 8 weeks. If you're not satisfied, I will refund your payment.

It's that simple!

You see -- I want to make this a double no-brainer, save money and save the world, which is why when you take action today, you'll also receive...

That's right - by acting right now, you're also getting these two bonus gifts with a real world value of over $144. See just what these incredible bonuses entail...



Bonus #1
Two Part Energy Audits
(Value: $47)

Where do you stand?

Before any improvements can be made, you have to have a starting place.

My two part audit does just that.

The audit can be completed in less that 30 minutes and then you know exactly what areas to focus on to reduce your energy costs and start protecting the environment.



"...preserving the environment for our kids and theirs!"

"What we loved most about your program is how you convinced us how important it was "going green" so that we could do our part in preserving the environment for our kids and theirs."

Allen J.,
Flagstaff, AZ


All of this is yours today, just by taking risk free action and committing to slashing your energy costs...



Bonus #2
Live Green and Grow Rich
(value $97)

There is no doubt that our ability to utilize fossil fuels to power our industries, to make plastics, and heat our homes has brought about one of the most prosperous eras in human history.

Unfortunately we are approaching a time when those same fossil fuels are running out.

And demand for them is growing...

Not only that but the pollution from coal, oil and natural gas are threatening the viability of our planet. At no other time in recent history has man impacted the earth as much as we do today.

Given the size of the problem, it is easy to feel like there is nothing you can do. The truth is you can do a lot.

In my bonus report, I share some of the ways you can make a difference...

checkAlternatives to driving your car that are simple, fun and easy to do.

checkSave a tree. How to reduce the junk mail you receive. And the 'not-so-junk' mail that comes unnecessarily.

checkThe effect of organic gardening and landscaping on your environmental impact and your grocery bill.

checkStart Recycling. And not just at home, I reveal two other places that you can start recycling and make an impact.

checkDebunking Solar Energy Myths. Learn how Solar Energy can supplement your regular electric supply.

checkLove your electronic toys? Discover how you can recharge them for free.

checkAnd that's just the beginning!


"...a well-written, well-researched, green guide!"

"...I just read an energy saving "tip" on the website of my electric company that mentioned a story of a family that ate off paper plates for 6 months just to save energy running the dishwasher.

"When that's the best that you can find for free on the internet, I'll be more than happy to pay for a well-written, well-researched, endorsed green guide."

Peter F.,
Spokane, WA

Now you can take action like Peter did and make a difference...


Yes, Michael! I am ready to slash my energy costs today!

You are about to get instant access to all the information you need to create electricity right in your own backyard, including detailed step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and sources for all materials.

My guides are a must have for anyone who wishes to reduce or even completely eliminate their electric, gas or oil bills. All for a tiny, one time fee of $47.

To get started, simply click the order button below to order at the special limited price.

The book is in PDF format so you can access it instantly after ordering. There is no shipping or wait time. You will be slashing your energy costs in mere moments from now!

Even if it is 4am in the morning!

Within minutes, you'll have access to your ebook, Beat High Energy Costs, with all three Special Reports: Water Conservation Tips, Renewable Energy, Build Your Own Solar & Wind Power, plus, since I know you’re ordering now – your two FREE bonuses: Energy Audits Part 1 and 2, Live Green & Grow Rich.

I urge you: If you’re serious about cutting down your energy costs and doing your part to save this beautiful planet … order 'Beat High Energy Costs' NOW!

To your Energy Savings Success.


Michael Snyder
DIY Enthusiast, Inventor, Energy Consultant

P.S. If you don’t do it for all the extra money you’ll save, do it in SELF-DEFENSE! Our world is facing challenges never before seen, and we all need to do our share to conserve energy and reduce pollution.

What will you be saying to your children and grandchildren in 20 years time if we run out of oil, the air is too bitter to breath and there's no water to drink?


"...facing an energy crisis... thanks for helping people
like us!"

Dear Mr. Snyder,

We are currently facing an energy crisis here in the UK with no telling what's going to happen in the future. That's why I decided to take charge. After going through your manual we decided to build the solar power system first because of where our home is located.

We get lots of sunlight everyday and the panels power all of our appliances including the computer that I am using right now. When the sun goes down we simply use the power stored in our deep-cycle batteries.

Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication into helping people like us around the world.

Ellen, Oxford, UK

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