3 Best Ways to Use Solar Power for Homes

Homeowners and renters alike are concerned with rising energy costs, and are looking for alternative ways to generate power and save money at the same time. The solution for many lies in the use of solar power for homes, but you may not know how or in what ways to harness the sun’s energy for your own benefit. If you want to fire your electric company, or at the very least reduce your utility use and payments, you should consider using solar energy in these 3 ways:

Solar Generators

Solar power in our homes must begin with solar generators. What will you do if your state declares an emergency, due to a natural disaster or terrorist attack, and the power goes out for several days or longer? You can only store a limited amount of gasoline or other fuel on your property. However, solar generators will run as long as you have sunlight. They store power for use at night, and no fuel storage is required. A typical solar generator is made up of three parts:

Solar panels

Inverter (to plug in your appliances, which use AC power)

Battery Pack

You can use solar generators to power your laptop, lamps, microwave and other household appliances. It will help you to continue life as usual if there’s a power outage, or if you choose to make a total switch to solar energy.

Solar Cookers

You can use the sun’s energy to cook food. Your choices for cookers are solar panel cookers, parabolic cookers and solar boxes. When starting out, you could use a solar cooker for occasional use or to impress a few friends. However, you can potentially replace your stove with a solar cooker and make the majority of meals for you and your family using it. If you really want to go for it, you can make your own solar oven or cooker using the Reflective Open Box design. Or, consider buying one of the cheapest manufactured cookers using solar energy: Cookit. You can find out more about both on SolarCooking.org.

Solar Heating and Cooling

The costs of heating and cooling a home make up the majority of most homeowners' utility bills, especially during the winter and hot summer months. The fear of using anything other than natural gas, oil or electricity for heating and cooling might discourage you from trying solar power in the first place. However, solar energy can be a viable alternative to all of these for keeping you warm or cool. You can use solar panels, in place of space heaters, to harness the power of the sun and generate electricity for heating and cooling. You can buy a pre-manufactured solar heating and cooling system, which pumps refrigerant by using electricity from the solar panels for cooling, and the opposite for heating.

Don’t let the use of solar power for your home intimidate you from taking the first step. Start small and build up, with the goal of using as much solar power as you can in place of conventional utility-based methods. As your utility bills decrease, you’ll be motivated to do even more.

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At the same time as the costs of solar power continues to go down, more and more property owners are turning to residential solar energy to reduce their electricity consumption and save on the growing costs of energy.

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    David@Solar power info

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  3. Brent Crouch Says:

    @David – What kind of output are you getting from it?

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