Save Energy on the Easy Things First

With the gloomy economy, and relatively high price of electric service, many homeowners that didn’t concern themselves with their energy costs are now very interested in lowering their electric bill. However, it’s not always obvious where to get started first.

Glaciergate – Shoddy Scholarship and Sensationalism Hamper Climate “Science”

Glaciergate – In 2007 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) claimed that glaciers in the Himalayas would disappear by 2035. It turns out that claim was pure speculation and not based on research that has been been formally published or subjected to peer review.

Cost of Home Solar Energy

Radiation from the sun is free of charge. However, harnessing the sun as a useful energy source costs money. The upfront investment in residential solar power is substantial. However, the investment in solar water heating usually only requires a modest investment.

Find out the top low energy light bulbs on the market. Explore the difference between CFL and LED bulbs along with the advantages and downsides of both. Learn to select the most effective light output with the ratings to determine which bulb will best suit your needs.