Announcement: Residential Wind Power Usage Grows Worldwide

Residential wind power not only helps homeowners adopt renewable energy habits and do their part in reducing the release of harmful greenhouse gases, but they also reap the benefits of saving money on their electrical bills. Residential wind turbines can save homeowners up to 90 percent off of their standard electrical bills, and when this is added to the fact that they can take a step towards removing their homes from the reliance upon electrical companies that supply energy through oil and coal methods this is all the better.

Water Conservation in the Home

There are many ways water may be wasted in our homes each day. From bathing to watering the lawn, simple adjustments can be made to conserve water and energy to lower your energy bills.

Solar Cells: What You Should Know

While we may not be ready for a solar revolution, where we all use free electricity from the sun, solar power use is on the rise. Homeowners are a big piece of that pie.

The Energy Efficient House

If your electric bill is higher than you’d like to see it, it pays to examine where you can conserve energy in your home without sacrificing the comfort of your family. The first step is knowing how much energy is being used and when, then making informed decisions about how you want to live.

Conserving Electricity in the House – Air Conditioning Is The Biggest Culprit

Running central air conditioning within a 1,600 square foot space or home costs approximately $3.76 per day, which adds up to $116.56 over the course of a regular month, according to Progress Energy.

Here are ways you can reduce your electric bill by adjusting your air conditioning habits:

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