How Do I Offset Solar Panel Cost?

If you listened to Barack Obama speak during the recent presidential campaign, you likely heard about America’s green future. European pioneers like Germany have blazed the trail that most of the United States is set to embark on, and a large part of our new, green future is solar energy. According to recent research, however, […]

Easy To Implement Ways To A Lower Electric Bill

Regardless if you are feeling the pinch from the worldwide economic downturn, we could all use some genuine and easy to implement energy saving ideas. We all know to lower the thermostat when we sleep at night and to install low flow shower heads, but we may not realize just how much the following steps […]

Learn the top low energy light bulbs on the market. Discover the difference between CFL and LED bulbs and the advantages and downsides of both. Learn to pick the most effective light output by the ratings to see which bulb will best suit your requirements.